Học từ vựng qua game

1. Word Whip - Tìm Kiếm Từ Vựng

Word Whip is a challenging word puzzle game. Fill in the blank tiles to create words until you reach the goal, across 200 different puzzles. For an additional challenge, you can try finding the most valuable words for each puzzle, as each letter has a point value attached.

2. Word Valley - English Word Game - Tìm Từ Vựng

The land of Kudos has been frozen by the magical forces of the IceSlanders. Almost every castle and fort has been taken over by their sinister chill. Can you create words for the good of the land and bring warmth to the world?

This is a prototype of a new experience by Hyper Hippo Games. We think it's pretty awesome, but we'd like some people to try it out before we take it further. Think you're up for it?

3. Wordle Defence - English Word Game - Game Từ Vựng Học Tiếng Anh

The WORDLE mechanic itself is a bit more basic than the real thing.

It will still show ORANGE if you're put the letter somewhere else in

the word, even if there's only one of those. It is six letters instead of

five for added difficulty, but you can spam words that aren't real words

so the difficulty evens out. DM me if you have any issues with the game.


  • Left Mouse Click - Pick up/Place Turrets

  • W - Move Up

  • A - Move Left

  • S - Move Down

  • D - Move Right

  • Space - Submit Score to Twitter

  • Number 1 - Toggle alpha visibility of the circle radius from the turrets.

  • Number 2 - Disable/Enable screenshake.